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What is BirthNet?

BirthNet is a Network of Independent Perinatal Professionals (Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum) supportive of "family friendly" birth and parenting. Active and apprentice members of BirthNet are based mostly in Northern New Jersey and Lower New York State and serve the surrounding areas.  


swirl believes that birth is a deeply personal and empowering family-based event;

swirl believes that there is no RIGHT way to birth or parent your children. Each woman must find her own way and making informed decisions starts with information and BirthNet is committed to providing women with a network of professionals to answer those questions;

swirl not only provides educational services to the community, but also provides professional inservices, trainings and workshops (for private groups, local hospitals & educational institutions); and,

swirl promotes the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative, developed by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. To find out more information about mother-friendly care, go to or to get a copy of their educational information call: 1-888-282-CIMS. You can also view their essential 10 questions to ask which will help you make important decisions about your maternity care.


Mission Statement

In an effort to enhance the experience of mothers, babies, and families during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, we seek...

to educate the community, parents and healthcare professionals about the benefits of mother-friendly care;

to educate the community, parents and healthcare professionals about the benefits of doula-assisted birth and postpartum doula care, as well as the value of chiropractic care, childbirth education and emotional and physical preparation for birth and parenting;

to provide the community with information on options in pregnancy and childbirth, outreach programs and a referral list;

to provide ongoing training to our members through workshops and in-service educational opportunities for the improvement of skills and personal development; and

to provide doulas and childbirth educators-in-training with mentoring possibilities.